Low elo is f'king disgusting

Performing well in a game actually requires some thought. *GASPS* How can you possibly blame a top laner who received 0 ganks and yet: won lane, did the highest damage output in the game, had the least deaths in the game, most wards purchased, most tower kills, most cs in the game, etc. Okay, sure, I ran from a teamfight. Because it doesn't take a genius to know that when you see 2 of your teammates go down right at the start of a fight, you should run and basically minimise loses instead of trying to pull some magical 3v5 without your carries. And this is the least of all. What pisses me off even more is how players always find that 1 player who is alive after a team fight and just blame everything on that player. I see this so often and it makes me sick. How on earth are you blaming someone for doing that, regardless of whether it was a right decision or not, when you see players who just do nothing for the team throughout the whole game??????? like... seriously. open you eyes people.... god damn it. _edit: I didn't know so many people read this. But just going to throw it out there that I'm not desperate to win because I only play casually now, as in I troll half the time. I've been to higher tier where you just become immune to any trolling, feeding, etc. Been there done that you know? I'm not asking for league advice so please stop giving me one. This post is about blaming and picking on others for no reason. Just don't want people blaming me for their own... lack... of intelligence. People do stupid things all the time and that's what low elo is. Those players can be as stupid as they wish to be but they shouldn't blame others. Makes me laugh though... Sometimes I'm sitting on the opposite side of the map and I get pinged and cursed._ _Btw, it was a gold 3 game_
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