Zed is one of the most op champions in the game.

{{champion:238}} has the ability to just poke you from far from his weq combo and there is nothing you can do if you. Like sure if i get {{item:3191}} I can put a stop to his bullshit Xerath range combo and if i get {{item:3157}} he can't do shit but the ap you get on hourglass sucks and delays your powerspike by 10 minutes which by that time the enemy {{champion:157}} just finished infinity edge so now the game is basically lost. Zed also can just 1 shot squishy champions and goes untargetable and skillfully dodges my cc. No champion should be able to 1 shot another except for mages because...they are fucking mages they throw cosmic energy at you how tf are you not supposed to get 1 shot by it. Zed also has the skillfull passive that deals extra damage to low health enemies like wtf is last hitting with this guy? Zed needs to either be deleted from the game or reworked into an actually balanced champion like {{champion:91}} .
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