This has been ignored for too long, and bug reports don't seem to matter to riot

Fix the interaction between yorick's cage and auto resets like darius W. This is actually a GAMEBREAKING BUG, it singlehandedly fucks matchups like darius vs yorick. Yorick rework has been out for a while, this has been visible and complained about for a while, quit the bullshit. No champion should be allowed to hard win a matchup because of a buggy ass interaction. EDIT For those unaware, if you try to use an auto reset on yorick cage your champ spazzes out and does nothing. If darius crippling strikes yoricks cage, he'll just keep spinning without doing any damage until crippling strike wears off (think of it as like a free 2-3 second stun for yorick, that is 100% gamebreaking). DOUBLE EDIT DO NOT ASK ME TO POST A VIDEO DO NOT ASK ME TO MAKE A THREAD IN BUG REPORTS DO NOT ASK ME TO DO ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THIS THREAD I'm not trying to be an asshole here but this bug has been showcased AD NAUSEUM to riot. Some of these threads contain video documentation and others are textual in nature. The point is that they were all fucking ignored and they're all months to even a year or more old and they're all in the bug reports section. This is in NO way a MINOR bug, it is a 100% GAMEBREAKING, AUTO WINNING BUG for yorick in certain matchups, most notably the darius matchup. Oh look at that, yorick is still one of, if not darius's absolute worst matchup, and it's been that way pretty much since yorick rework. In and of itself, that isn't an issue, but I can tell you through my experience, that it's illegitimate, because 90% of that result is from this bug. TRIPLE EDIT I think it's absolutely fucking insulting that meddler answers to a thread complaining that yorick taking aftershock automatically swaps aftershock to grasp. What fucking yorick takes aftershock? What a fucking joke. Meanwhile this thread actually discusses a fucking gameplay BREAKING bug and no reds, let alone meddler. QUADRUPLE EDIT Applause is due for Riot WittRock! The bug will be fixed in the coming patch. I have debated taking this thread down since it is resolved, but I will let things take their course and let this thread naturally die in the one to two days it takes for that to happen.
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