If You Won't Give Players a Safe Leave Option, then Let Us Jungle Without Smite

This stupid pick your class system and bans and everything else that we have to do in champ select can be distracting. And if you've been jungling for six hours, and then you come back to game, forget that you rolled support last game, and you get into a game without Smite, well, that is your fault. Definitely. But your entire team shouldn't lose the game because of it. Just played a game without Smite. I got a camp, got an assist after Warwick invaded my side and stole gromp, and then killed birds. So blue, birds, assist on a level 2 champion. That alone was not enough to get me to level 2. I leveled up right after by leeching some lane XP, but 2 camps and an assist left me at 1. I could not do red. Could not do all Krugs. Sure, I was Malphite who has a particularly rough first clear, but I simply had no way of getting XP. The current jungle is so heavily tied to the damn items, and you CANNOT purchase the items without Smite. I might as well have been afk. My team got pulled down. My bot lane was doing pretty well and Yi might have carried the game if I wasn't absolutely completely one hundred percent useless. The tying of jungle camp XP to jungle items was to prevent a pro strategy where bot lane tries to kill Krugs and get level 2 early. But, now Krugs takes super long to do. Now Gromp is a much bigger threat. And both camps spawn a full 10 seconds later. The strat is dead. You don't need to be so goddamn hamfisted with solo queue to prevent strategies in pro play.
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