Trolls in rank game is a huge issue!!!

There should be rank bans for trolls. I'm coming across back to back games that players just be trolling right from the start of the game. It is decease game-play satisfaction. Examples of Trolls: * Supports hitting cs and this puts the marksman behind because we're a scaling role; Supports just straight taking cs from the marksman and marksman can't even scale in the game. * Players literally intentionally feeding * Players are purposely not working together or giving up The list goes on. I understand NA is a "for fun region", but this will help make rank more competitive and enjoyable. I don't mind trolls in normals and blind because i have nothing to lose but the game. However, in rank, i'm giving long hours and free LP for something i have no control of it because one player can lose you the game but one player cannot win you the game. Solution for trolls: 1st rank ban should be 3 days 2nd rank ban should be 2 weeks 3rd rank ban should be 2 weeks 4th permanently ban People have families and jobs and trolls make rank play a complete waste of my day. I want to feel like my reports are actually doing something about the problem because it's happening way too often. I have been ban twice by riot and i do not whatsoever troll anymore in rank. I learned my lesson. this will help players to be reformed and not troll in rank games.
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