My thoughts on Aatrox.

Personally, I feel its fine for a champion to be strong early, and even fine for a champion to be REALLY strong early, but I dont think its fine for that champion to fall off the face of the Rift after one item...Nor should that champion be made strong in both early and mid stages of the game with such a strong lane phase. What im getting at, is if you buff Aatrox's kit to allow him to function better outside of lane, please look into removing some power from his early game, a bad aatrox will fall flat on their face and complain the champion sucks, a good aatrox will absolutely wreck anyone with a 70% hp combo at level 2 if all 3 Q's are landed and their passive is used. And I believe a 'git gud or git wrecked' curve is a bit too much to ask for on a skill-oriented hyper early champion, as some of the best late game champions have extremely strong early games. ({{champion:114}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:23}} to name a few) So if you were to make aatrox better balanced for the later stages of the game, without compromising the entirety of his early game, maybe look to do with him what you did to Urgot, make him a champion who gets stronger with levels rather than just items or set up potential, maybe having his Q cast faster per level, and his passive start with less reduction on shields/healing in earlier levels and scale to be even higher. Or even allowing his ult to fill faster with more levels. all in all, I honestly think to avoid watching aatrox fade into obscurity once more, perhaps you could make his gameplay more forgiving in later stages while leaving his base kit mostly the same.

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