Ninja Tabi

So I've been playing League for what 3 years now, and I understand that this is probably something you guys are already looking into but could you pretty please rework ninja tabi and do something to early game armor effectiveness. In my honest opinion giving tanks that much early power when they are supposed to do poorly in lane against fighters and people who otherwise outlane them sorta breaks that aspect of live through lane phase then do tank stuff, when lets say poppy buys a cloth armor at 6 minutes and she is against lets say tryndamere the amount of dmg reduction she gets for 800 gold is absurd and when u take in concideration that base damages are quite enough to just deny the tryndamere from farm and maybe even xp and if the poppy was smart enough to buy bramble vest in that situation the tryndamere would just either have to get jungle pressure to do anything or settle with afk laning. And this early game armor strength is nothing compared to the imo stupid tabi passive and the 2% nerf was kinda nice but really thats nothing i have some ideas for tabi *take 5(+%(scales off lvl)) less damage from single target abilities and attacks effect expires after 2 seconds of being out of combat 5s cd *grants approaching allies 20 movement speed *ignores unit collision passive(_ninja_ tabi not _lol_ _adc_ _in2k17_ tabi) rly just giving that amount of dmg reduction for 1100 gold is just blunt {{item:3047}} = {{champion:238}} {{item:3047}} ≠ {{champion:54}} thanks for listening, TsukiNoAce. {{champion:62}} "Just try to stop me!" PS. why does cho e slow?
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