I feel like your Veigar buffs have removed any skill-expression in getting 400 stacks.

You used to have to be really good at using Q to kill minions, or you used to have had to been really fed. Now? Now you just spam abilities in lane and, if they hit, you get a stack. It doesn't fit with his thematic, and it does great at removing any kind of nuance you were supposed to have in the laning phase, where you only ever blew abilities in an attempt to kill them with R or sometimes Q. I haven't ever come to think of the point of the buffs he got until now... and now that I think of them, I have to ask "Why?" I can't put into words how frustrating it is to have to deal with this sort of thing in SoloQ where people will unreliably do any of the following: get hit, get killed, and let him farm. It's the same with Nasus, and they had to buff him as well. **Why? They were fine.**
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