Kench's "buff"

Hey, I'm a gold 4 degenerate M7 Kench player, and I'm genuinely confused on why they nerfed Kench, while making it seem like a buff. I could be wrong, but from what I can see, they put the Kench changes under the section for putting more power into tanks, so I would assume it's a buff, however they seriously just gutted his w, and nerfed his Q, with some compensation for no reason. Before this change, he had like a 48-46 percent winrate, and after this patch, his support role has had its winrate drop. About 70 percent of Kench players play support, not top. (toplane's winrate did go up though) They doubled the cooldown on one aspect of his w, while giving a measly 2 second compensation to the rest of it, as well as a slightly reduced mana cost. Most kench players, as well as naut players, expressed concern for the changes, but whoopdie do, riot ignored them. (as you can see, his winrate drops from 47 perecnt to like 46 percent, not very healthy) My problem here is that even after the update, they are willing to admit that they accidentally nerfed Yasuo and Lee. Frankly, I don't know if they did and I don't care, but the point is that it isn't impossible for them to go, "whoops, sorry, we fucked up," but they aren't willing to say that about naut or Kench. I understand they don't like kench's kit because the way it affects esports, and indirectly, their profits, but that would call for a rework, or at least giving him something else to replace his w. Instead, they try to hide the obvious nerf as a buff, and then pretend nothing ever happened. I would be fine if they reworked his w, nerfed it, removed it, but only if they gave something back to his kit, to help boost his winrate back to a healthy number. Sorry about the rant, I'm really fucking annoyed on how "doubled cooldown, its a buff we swear!"
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