Ezreal W rework Idea

ezreal's W is honestly one of the duller skills in the game, but any buff to something so easy to land could easily become broken, considering the ridiculous amount of item combinations, but i want to propose an idea to change it completely- W- Essence Flux CD- 18s/16s/14s/12s Cost- 60/70/80/90/100 mana Range- 650 Duration- 7 seconds Ezreal creates an area of energy around him(like kindred's w) that increases allies movement and reduces enemy damage output pretty simple, Right? This will work great into his safety, kiting based kit, and the reduced damage will give him back the trading ability that he lost when the attack speed debuff was removed, but with this, it is much riskier to use offensively, and provides more interesting interaction where ezreal tries to keep himself and the opponent in the area, while the enemy tries to do the opposite. Removing a second damaging ability will definitely be a hit on ap ezreal though, so it might be good to increase his Q's AP ratio to something like 70%. anyway, what do you think of this? Would it be toxic, underpowered? Leave your opinions below.
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