Ranked AFK Solution?

Hey All, So I think one thing we can all agree on is that losing a game of ranked feels bad. What seems to be worse is when you seem to only lose the game because a member (or two) actually afk/dc for a solid 5 minutes or maybe even for the rest of the game. I think as League is now 10 years in the making it's about time that a system is put into place that would stop punishing a whole team for one person for having an unstable connection or (and this one is more likely) ragequitting. The game already monitors for afk and dc'd individuals by not allowing players to honor them at the end of the game. I think a simple solution would be to use this information to help lessen the loss of lp from individuals on the losing team. It could detect and give a loss prevention or could even be kind enough to at least lower the amount of lp that is taken away from a loss with a game with an afk/dc detected. The LP loss would stay the same for the individual(s) that afk/dc'd. I did see the issue in that some people might try to abuse the system, but I think if it was implemented that duos and those queued with the individual(s) who afk/dc'd were still penalized to avoid those trying to take advantage of the implemented system. Another concern brought up was that what if someone reconnected after roughly 5 minutes after a dc? The system could have a harder time distinguishing between those who ragequit and those who genuinely had technical problems. This system is only to be in place as a preventative measure to stop the loss of LP for those who have not dc'd. This means that in this system there is no additional punishment for those who afk/dc except that they are exempt from a loss prevention or from a lessened amount of LP for the loss. As this system would only be in place as a preventative measure, I would feel it best to give those in promos a loss prevention when they have a dc. This way they get no disadvantage and no advantage during their series that they worked hard to reach. Again, just stressing this system would only be in place to help stabilize and justify losses from afk/dc's and would not take away the LP anyone would gain from winning due to an afk/dc. I would love to hear feedback and all questions, comments and concerns! Maybe even Riot would consider implementing this or a similar system to help make Ranked grinding less frustrating at times! Let me know what you all think and while you're here please take part in the poll! {{champion:518}}
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