Why I'm Quitting

I am quitting League for the second time. I got into Heroes of the Storm and decided to come back and give League another try because I was having fun. But the more I played League, the more it felt like a chore. Now, I will admit I am not good at the game right now. I've been trying to get better, but it's a challenge. I was trying to figure out why I was having fun in HotS and not in League. And it finally hit me after I played with some complete strangers in a HotS match, then complete strangers in a LoL match, both competitive. The HotS players went out of the way not to give up. They made suggestions, commented on things, actually gave advice. One of them even offered to get in a match with me and show me how to improve. And thinking back, this kind of thing is all over the game. Whenever I needed help, I could ask friends or just anyone and I could always find people to help, both in game and in the various communities I found. In LoL there was none of this. I was solely responsible for figuring out how to get better using videos, replays, and what nuggets of wisdom I could find in the buckets of raging profanity directed at me if I was having the slightest bit of trouble. I actively went looking for groups to help me learn to play better, but it was always the same: figure it out yourself, go away until you are good. Maybe it's the game length. Average HotS games are only 15-20 min, vs 30-45 for LoL. Maybe it's the lack of farming and individual levels, so no one person can become so weak that they are a detriment to the team. Maybe it's just a different subset of people. But whatever it is, it's clear that I'm welcome in one community, and, if there is a welcoming corner of the other, it's not one I can find.
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