Removing the bans from ARAM is the absolute last straw for me. It's a very poor decision.

Look, I'm going to be totally real here. I don't like this game. As a player who used to play the game religiously in past seasons, the state of the game has deteriorated to a point where my enjoyment factor is at an absolute minimum when it comes to League. I haven't touched an actual Rift match in a very long time, i was pushed out of Rift games because the horrible unenjoyable "Everything dies in 2 hits" meta had swept across the Rift like a plague and every game it was the same thing over and over. So a long time ago I decided I would abandon the rift forever and move to play ARAM games only, on top of that my 10- 20+ games a day died to 1-2 games a day. However, even ARAM has its problems, a mode that is supposed to be quick and fun does suffer from some very terrible balance issues. They might not be the same balance issues that the Rift has but they ARE there. When these new ARAM changes were announced one change that was wildly welcomed was the ban system. Bans are an important part of the game, not just for rift but for ARAM as well. bans are used to remove problematic and unfun champions from the match and I can tell you right now it was used in great success. {{champion:45}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:51}} All of them were top bans and for good reason, there were more as well but the fact of the matter is bans actually greatly helped in removing champions that absolutely flourished on dominating the mode and that was a healthy thing. Especially with the problem that ARAM is not truly random, to begin with. You WILL see the same champions over and over, so using the ban system to remove champions that the roll system favoured also helped to spice things up as well. What we have here is a classic case of the **Developers of the game ignoring the positive feedback of the many to appease the negative feedback of the few.** we have seen this many many MANY times before in the past and it is irritating to see it now affecting the only game mode I play. The removal of bans from ARAM was the wrong move if you don't want to have bans in Aram then you have to: A) Make ALL champions available to everyone in ARAM from the start B) fix the roll system to stop favouring certain champions. (Deny it all you want, this DOES happen) I am very disappointed as a player that Riot chose to make this poor decision, not everyone will agree with me, and some won't even care but as a league player whose passion for the game has dwindled down to a mere ember, this is all I can do voice my feedback.
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