Examples of Bad Game Design in League of Legends and How to Fix Them

In League of Legends there are a lot of things that people consider "unfair", "overpowered", or just plain out not fun to play against. This post is just going to be a scratch on the surface of why some things in this game feel very unfair, even though they may not actually be unbalanced. If anyone has more suggestions for things that just feel unfair and remove fun from the game, while not necessarily being poorly balanced, feel free to let me know. Whether that be an item, a champion, a mechanic, or anything else. 1. The first example I want to bring up is Leblanc. Leblanc even before her rework had quite a few issues, and I can say with a fair bit of certainty that not a large amount of thought was put into addressing her problems when she was reworked. Before the rework, Leblanc's main issues were how unfair it felt to play against her. Early game her damage was unmatched, and even before she got her ultimate she had an insane amount of mobility, to the point that no other champions could reliably chase her down alone. Though most of the time I could say that she was not unbalanced whatsoever, because of how little damage she did late game compared to other assassins. However, the rework failed to address these issues, and instead created more. Her passive previously was by no means a well designed ability, it was fairly useless and rarely acted as an addition to Leblanc's kit. However, I would say her new passive is far far worse from a design standpoint. It isn't entirely the fault of the passive itself though. The main problem with her passive is how little counterplay it has. The ability pretends to have counterplay in the way it's displayed, how it takes a moment before you get the damage. But with the way the rest of her kit works, it has little if not no counterplay whatsoever. With her w, she can go in and proc the activation of the passive, and either blink back and follow the opponent as they run and q when she is able to use the passive, or even just stay and walk away until she is able to get the damage from it, then use q and press w again. However her q and w don't even compare to how her e abuses it. When the chain lands, it applies the passive to the target, then as the chain length is so incredibly massive, when the snare hits it activates her passive's damage with almost no counterplay whatsoever at that point. The ability fits so poorly into her kit, that it would function the exact same if it just increased her e's damage. If I were to describe Leblanc's kit in a single word, it would be "deceptive". Which Ironically fits the champions description. Her entire kit acts like it has counterplay in areas where it has none, which is why it feels so terribly unfair. Before the rework, Leblanc's ultimate still felt fairly unfair, but you at least always knew what ability it would be. Now her ultimate is a complete wildcard. Its a terribly overloaded ability. The opponent has no idea which spell you will use, and you always have the choice between any of the three. When it comes out, it also summons a clone who casts it as well, which makes it even more difficult to play against as you not only have to worry about countering the ability she just threw out, but have to worry about which one is even real. Coupled with that, it just clutters the screen terribly, to the point that in a teamfight the enemy is unlikely to know both what spell she used, whether it even was her ult, and which leblanc is the clone and which one is the real one. If Leblanc was to be reworked again, here is how I would recommend making her feel more fair. For her passive; just make it take a longer amount of time before you can get the damage out of it. I personally would make it take more time than her w does to expire after use, while making it last longer on the target, giving the leblanc ample time to get the damage out of it, in more of a poke style. Her q is a fairly simple damage ability, it could likely stay the same. For her w, I would make it so that people have an at least slightly easier time of chasing her down. I would do this by either making her instantly go back to the mark, or forcing her go back to it when it would expire. Either of these would make it a lot easier to chase her down, while still giving her a lot of that "deceiver" gameplay. For her E, I would either lower the range of the tether, or make the skillshot easier to dodge. Right now, because the tether range is so long, when someone is hit by her e it feels completely unfair, the game displays a range which they are totally unable to get out of, making them focus less on "I got hit by a skill" and more on "wow this is an impossible skill to play around". For her ultimate, I would simply make it so that it still mimics the spell that she last used, similar to how it was before, while still creating a clone. This would make it so people would at least be able to know what is coming at them before it comes. 2. Percentage health true damage. This is something that is an absolutely awful idea to it's very core. If you hate Fiora, or you hate Vayne, this most likely is one of the major reasons why. Percentage health true damage is something that lacks ANY form of counterplay. While you can argue "oh they have to hit a vital" or "oh they have to land three auto attacks", this still completely takes away a layer of counterplay from the game. Currently in the game, there are three major defensive stats, Health, Armor, and Magic Resist. Damage in league of legends is done in three major forms, Physical Damage, Magic Damage, and True Damage. The way that damage is calculated is in two main ways, Flat Damage, or Percentage Damage. These 8 concepts form something like an intricate game of Rock Paper Scissors. To counter Magic Damage you want to build Magic Resist, to counter Physical Damage you want to build Armor, Health counters both Physical and Magical a little bit, however is less effective than resistances, BUT, Health is also the only way to counter True Damage. Then you add in Flat and Percentage Damage. Flat damage is weaker to building health and used far more commonly, however one of the ways to shut down people from building only health and less resistances in a scenario where the enemy team has an even spread of both Magica and Physical damage, is Percentage Damage. The whole idea of Percentage Damage, is to encourage people to build either Armor or Magic Resist against it, as health does nothing against it at all. Now finally I get to the point of why Percentage True Damage ruins the whole system. There are, NO items that you can build that counter it. The only way to build to "counter" it, is to build damage to kill the person dealing it to you. Its something that is inherently flawed because it gives tanks no way to take less damage from the person doing it, except to build damage to kill them faster. The only way to fix this, would be to entirely REMOVE IT, or to add a separate way to counter it, ie something that makes True Damage do less damage than it normally would, which I would suggest to make a small flat amount. For now I'm going to just post this as is, I have spent way too much time typing out just these two things. But, if you want to suggest anything else for me to go into detail about, feel free to respond and I'll consider making another post.
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