If Conqueror didn't give bonus AD it would be a contender for worst rune in the game.

Seriously, if you actually look at the "true damage that would have been mitigated" stat, it rarely breaks 2,000 in a long game of frequent use. People just see true damage and let out a banshee-shriek squeal as their eyes bulge out of their sockets while they fall to the floor, foaming at the mouth and seizuring. The same thing happened when they released {{champion:142}} and people read "The bonus true damage can doubles the damage that procs it," but ignored both the cap on the damage as well as the fact that, if it dealt magic damage, the MR of the target would essentially be worth more when protecting from the second trouble bubble proc. So when people complain that Riot doesn't listen to Boards, just remember the absolute shenanigans that this forum contains.
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