Akali vs Zed

Why would you ever play Zed when you can play Akali? Zed passive: Cooldown gated bonus magic damage on low health enemy Akali: No cooldown free sheen MS buff Zed q: Skillshot Akali q: No cooldown spammable slowing healing waveclear that activates passive Zed w: mimics his abilities and gives him a single teleport Akali w: ~10 seconds of stealth that can be fought in freely, also a free escape when used with E Zed E: melee range aoe that slows Akali e: Dash back (goes over walls), UNLIMITED LEE SIN Q that activates her passive Zed R: targeted untargetability teleport that deals damage based on damage dealt during the mark, also creates a shadow Akali R: Long dash forwards, stuns, long dash forwards again, EXECUTION DAMAGE Zed: Good at killing 1 person and damaging the rest Akali: Pentakill because aoe q, stealth, 4 FUCKING DASHES, A 5 PERSON STUN AND A 5 PERSON EXECUTE "Akali is squishier" they are both squishy assassins, difference being Akali has 4 FUCKING DASHES to dodge skillshots, zed has a possbility of 2 teleports, while Akali also has a spammable heal and broken synergy with gunblade.

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