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_**Highlighted text is what is relevant to read incase you don't wanna read anything else.**_ **How do I have fun in league guys? I have been a long player since around lissandra came out.** I have done pretty much everything this game. I got platinum. I made some amazing friends who are now some of my closest friends in real life. I had my awesome moments in league where I just 1v5 pentakill. It has been a great run.. 1. But season 6 kinda ruined league for me, idk what it was but I hated season 6. I then came back in season 7. **Now i am no longer a ranked player, as I hate ranked, because of obvious reasons. I just want to have fun.** But I just can't. Sadly my **friends have stopped playing this game. So i pretty much have to play this game solo.** **I keep trying to find a better game than league. But i just can't.** Before league I had pretty much played every awesome game there was. I have also played the shit outta gta 5. But there is just something special about league that just cannot be replaced. **Riot nerfed the hell outta attack speed. And they removed tier 3 boots. They removed a lot of things and this game just feels really slow now.. I use to love to play it super fast because it was adrenaline pumping as heck. But now I just don't know... How do I have fun in league guys?**
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