Bronze, Silver & Gold all in same ranked game? Why???

As I've started to climb a bit higher in rank I'm noticing a bigger and bigger gap in between the skill levels of the players in each matchmade ranked game. Sometimes it works out in my teams favor, sometimes it works out in the opposing teams favor. The worst example I have is in a Promotional game I was in. Regardless of which side I was on, there was a Gold IV Yasuo vs a Bronze I Syndra in the midlane. I'll let you all take a second to guess who went 17/0 and hard carried the game down the midlane… (Hint: Champs name starts with "Y"). To be honest, this Bronze I Syndra could have had a lucky streak, been matched with good team mates and got boosted temporarily to Bronze I while her true elo is still somewhere around Bronze II or III..... and this is getting tossed into a promo game with MULTIPLE Gold players? The game itself and in my opinion fairness for both teams was over @ 0:01, as soon as Riot decided that a Bronze should be matched against a Gold, midlane in a ranked promotional game. Even if Yasuo was on my team, it never feels good to absolutely smash your opponent, then check after the game to see they are 2 Full Divisions below you..... What did I really win or accomplish? and how frustrating for the Syndra…. I am noticing this more and more..... It's not even just a Silver II vs a Gold IV.. It's literally 1 Bronze player thrown in with high elo Silvers and lower elo Golds... They just get smashed and the system should NOT ever even have those two players in the same game..... I'd rather wait another 2 - 5 minutes for another high elo Silver I in his own promos or Gold player to show up vs that midlane Gold IV Yasuo..... Just me??????

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