I'm honestly amazed that there are still "Buff Mordekaiser" threads

Every now and then I see a thread advocating Mordekaiser buffs or people calling him garbage whenever someone asks for advice for playing Morde. And I can't help but sit here, chuckle to myself and shake my head. So, let me make something crystal clear. #Mordekaiser doesn't need, nor deserve any kind of Buffs right now. Want to know why? First of all; He's been sitting on a 52% win rate for the longest time now, with mains having win rates upwards of 60-70%, higher than your average Juggernaut main. His win rate as a bot laner in particular already has a 66% win rate on its own. We got a significant bug fix recently, eliminating the most annoying one of his bugs, meaning that the remaining ones are just trivial stuff that might as well just be kept until they trash all his coding when he gets his VGU. But most importantly of all: #Mordekaiser is a huge Bitch to fight and makes the game HELL for whoever has the misfortune to go up against him. To Quote the Akali I fought a few days ago: "I'd rather contract Aids than ever lane against Mordekaiser again." Mordekaiser is almost old poppy levels of oppressive design, yet Riot has been so kind to let us Mordekaiser players enjoy this cancerous champion. I know this sounds really weird but I thoroughly enjoy watching the enemy suffer whenever they TRY to fight me and just can't. Yet this is in no way healthy right now as Mordekaiser has basically no counter play besides simply out ranging him or having the Jungler camp his ass. So please. Stop bloody asking for Mordekaiser buffs. The ol' Tin can is in a good spot until Riot tackles the fundamental flaws of his kit. http://apollo-na-uploads.s3.amazonaws.com/1441132488/me.png
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