So are Nasus' Q and Passive ever going to be looked at?

Literally all the runes and items over the years have done nothing but make Nasus spike faster and harder and he goes untouched while other champions get whole ability changes around them. {{champion:75}} : I need to stack Q to win **Riot:** Here, its low cooldown, low mana, and high damage {{champion:75}} : But I need items to make Q stronger **Riot:** Here, {{item:3057}}, it gives you more mana, cooldown, and empowers your Q {{champion:75}} : But laners will want to bully me away from farm **Riot:** Here, you get lifesteal off your passive so you can sustain in lane {{champion:75}} : But laners might try and poke me to get pressure **Riot:** Here, we made the Resolve tree that makes poking impossible and pointless {{champion:75}} : But what if they try and all in me, I'm scared of this conqueror rune everyone is talking about **Riot:** Here, you have wither, its a massive slow and affects their auto attacks, you're safe {{champion:75}} : But what if they try and freeze the lane under tower and make me over extend? **Riot:** Here, you have Spirit Fire, it has good base damage to clear waves and break any freeze {{champion:75}} : Do I have a weakness? **Riot:** Unfortunately yes you have some very major weaknesses, before you base 1 time and somewhere after 50 minutes, you can't win there. _____________________________ Okay, I'm ranting a little bit, but Nasus' current skill floor is too low for the reward players get
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