Reflecting on old Aatrox

I haven't played in months. I quit league. I played the game for old Aatrox. That was the only reason. Now I see he has massive damage and heals....Riot, good job on making in a drain tank? The thing you wanted to get rid of? Anyways, in the old days, if you out laned Darius with Aatrox, your team would tell you good job. It was satisfying. He had glaring weakness and obvious strengths. I often rushed a frozen mallet with him which with the old runes with fervor, was just fine. His triple healing under 50% was strong enough to get by until a later lifesteal item like Hydra. He was servicable. If you didn't like him, thats fine. But why was he made to appease all the players who didn't play him or care for him? Why were his fans thrown under the bus? Why were years of muscle memory timing an coordination of players oblierated just so they could make some new champion that really isn't Aatrox? Entirely unnecessary. Riot proved themselves a thoughtless joke of company that could give a shit about YOUR time and THEIR customers. Still makes me sick.
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