Kayle feels "not worth it"

Kayle is designed to be a late game hyper carry with a weak early game but playing her just doesn't feel worth it because by the time you become actually useful your teammates either fed the entire team and surrender or the enemies give up and surrender which makes the effort of going through abuse and climbing up to level 11 pointless sometimes Heres one of my experiences Top lane was free since the enemy had no top lane champions so the enemy decided to have duo mid. I was really happy because i dont get to experience laning and get free farm BUT my mid just got fed up from the abuse lux is constantly casting and kept getting killed then my entire team proceeded to surrender even though i kept telling them to wait for my transformation. I got to it and got some kills but it wasnt enough and they all surrendered because Ahri was too fed. I was so pissed after that match and just stopped playing Kayle because unfortunately they have no patience or any idea that Kayles late game is overpowered So yeah the Kayle rework is reasonable which buffs her mid-game laning experience in exchange for some of her late game stuff like her true damage (which im going to miss) She's like a punishment to stubborn enemies who won't surrender **I joined** League a week before Kayle and Morgana's rework got released and she was one of the first champs I bought and played **mainly because of a news article announcing the two sisters arrival** What do you think though maybe I'm wrong
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