The Myth of Jungler "agency"

Whenever people talk about Jungle being "OP" one word always comes up "Agency" This word is throw out there to explain how someone can be "OP" yet be behind in gold and XP while being forced take a bad 1st item, normally have weak scaling and take a weaker combat sum. What does it mean though? and do Junglers actually have more of this so called "agency" Agency 2 : the capacity, condition, or state of acting or of exerting power This is the definition of Agency people are using. They use it to mean Junglers have the most POWER in influencing which Lanes win and which lanes lose. Since Junglers have the most power in determining which lanes win or lose they ultimately determine which team wins. I have 2 problems with the line of logic First Junglers DON'T have the POWER to choose which lanes win. Laners have the POWER to force Junglers into playing one side of the map which is ultimately what decides which lanes win. There has been two periods of time in which the Jungler were forced by laners to play to one side of the map. First is Lane swap meta in which Junglers were forced to go to whichever side the Bot+Support choose. Jungler couldn't help they weak side because it was be 2 v 3 Top+JG vs BOT duo vs JG as this is an obviously losing proposition Jungle was forced to play whichever side of the map their BOT lane choose. Clearly in this scenario BOT lane is the one with agency. Second is the Crab battle meta we're currently in. Again second versus same as the first, Junglers simply don't CHOOSE which side of the Jungle to play, this is al decided by which lanes winning and which lanes are losing, if my top and mid are losing lanes i simply cant play topside and if my botlane is the winning lane the opposing jungler simply can't play botside. Again Junglers aren't CHOOSING to play to a side laners are FORCING them to play to a side. Second Ultimately late game macro and team fight matter much more then, winning lane. Jungle due to poor first items, a weak combat sum and a champion pool that outside of a few exceptions {{champion:30}} have strong early game and poor scaling. Conclusion in the past JG was a strong role in the early game and a weak role in the later stages of the game for most of LOL history. JG is a shit role in both early and late game. TL;DR JG is weak
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