Why do champs like Mundo even exist?

Edit: Just throwing this out there... Yes while I focused on his sustian and damage, etc. I enver said you couldn't ever kill him.. yet everyone in the comments are like "oh here's a few counters, gg pat myself on hte back me so smart" His kit is unhealthy, he has no counter play, and well all the other points I made. This is the main point. Its crazy how people can read something and be unable to think. ---------------------- He has so much insane sustain.. Even in the LCS the pros have no fking clue how to deal with him, and even when they itemize against him, he still tanks 1v5 and laughs it off. The only time he loses is when the rest of his 4 teammates decide to play so incredibly passive and the other team plays things PERFECTLY, and even then his chances of losing are slim when he's literally tanking the entire enemy team with his face and still doing absurds amount of damage. THat's not even pointing out jungle mundo. Who can literally own the ENTIRE MAP and there isn't jack shit you can do about it as another jungler. Even when you ask for lanemates to come help, which they sometimes actually do, he still gets away due to his insane sustain, and by level 6.. its over. He's won every fking jungle on the map, because it'll require at least 3 people to actually kill him. Unlike most junglers, he's going to have full health, and all his shit off cooldown to constantly gank over and over again, all he has to do is land 1 Q... In lower elo's somehow my teammates constantly die by his weak ganks.. in higher elo's his ganks are much less problematic.... Of course his ganks are "Weak" in higher elo's, but that's not even considering then that the jungle then becomes his own free lane on BOTH SIDES of the map... Clearing every single jungle on both sides, giving scraps to the enemy jungler, and he gets to do this without risk or worry, allowing him to virtually free farm half the map on his own, so when teamfights do occur he is without fail insanely tanky, with high damage and sustain... In a meta where EVERYONE is screaming that the damage is insanely too high, even tanks and high sustain champs are getting destroyed in seconds, and you still have a champ this insanely broken, tanky, and able to 1v5.. you know there is a major fking balance problem...

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