[9.10] Cho'Gath R - Undocumented Change or Bug?

When the patch for 9.10 came out on Wednesday, May 14th, Cho'Gath's infamous R indicator was changed, and now it seemingly is identical to Pyke's ultimate indicator. https://gyazo.com/c71c51a1cd9f1e824d17ec3c24345302.png _Pictured: Rammus with Pyke's ultimate indicator, despite Pyke not being in the match at all (I was playing Dark Star Cho'Gath)_ * While I'd like to call this an undocumented buff.... * It was never mentioned anywhere at all * It seems to be identical to Pyke's ultimate; it seems unlikely that the asset would be reused on Cho'Gath even if this was intentional * His original ultimate indicator can still be seen below the champion, just as obscure as normal * Changes to the execution threshold for Cho'Gath's Ultimate have been repeatedly denied in the past due to it "being a necessary part of his challenge" It feels strange (but nice) that Cho'Gath has a very obvious ultimate indicator now though. I'm just wondering if we can get a comment on whether this was intentional or not!
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