The differences in skill at the same elo is amazing.

Why does every game feel like its 2 decent players mixed with 3 retards. Why are there such massive skill differences at the same elo? Some people look like they play at a mid gold low plat level and then you get people who legit deserve to be bronze 5. This goes for the enemy team too. This game gets so beyond frustrating in its current state because it feels like the worst players have a much bigger impact and its very hard to solo carry games now. 90% of my games seem to come down to which retard from each team gets caught out first or one team just gets absolutely rolled. I feel like this is a 2v2 game with each team having 3 bots. Once upon a time I was gold in s4 and plat in s5. Didn't play s6 or s7. Now after 200 games I can't even carry myself out of silver. Hit gold promos once. Now I just bounce between silver 2 and silver 1 80-90 lp.
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