Are we going to nerf this abomination yet?

{{champion:39}} Honestly what does it take, fkin runs into our team 2/5 but it's okay because she has stupid base damage and scaling, and on top of that let's throw conqueror in and the fact that she can pretty much infinitely dash as long as she has half a brain. How many god damn times does an Irelia in my game completely decimating everyone with no checks in balance. I mean yeah I can get a GA, but guess what? Once I pop out of GA her E is right there waiting to stun me, so It's not like I can flash. Oh and on top of that we'll give her insane damage reduction that also does insane damage. All she has to do is hold her key down for a little longer than average, cause god forbid she had to actually "Channel" to get 50% damage reduction on a skill that scales 1:1 AD. OH AND on top of that let's give her an ultimate that guarantees that you won't be escaping from her. And let's not forget her beautiful passive that gives her BONUS magic damage per stack, insane AS boost for a passive AND shield shred at 300 FKING % So let's sum that up. A passive that gives bonus magic damage per stack, PLUS like 60% attack speed, PLUS 300% Shield shred, A Q that costs 20 mana and let's you dash an odd 650 units scales pretty hard AND heals you, and ultimate that's hella hard to escape, ( so meaning you better not even CS cause if she q's on a creep and then ult's you, you're pretty much done for. A W that makes any counter attacking pretty much null and wasted. And an E that's not even that hard to land and stuns you just incase W wasn't enough. Honestly she needs her numbers toned down a bit. Her scaling is way too good and on top of that she has a keystone she was never meant to have in her new kit. Either tone her numbers down or revert her like you did with LB and Kog and admit her rework was a complete failure. Tired of seeing every god damn Irelia, teammate or not go legendary because they have no real weaknesses. And she also has almost a 52% winrate overall at an 8% pick rate. But don't dismiss the fact that her fkin top winrate is 55%. Sorry for rambling on, that is all....
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