Is it just me or are Tank Junglers Unviable?

It feels like a lot of tank champions just aren't viable anymore? And when I say this, I mean building tank too, not building some cheesy high damage build with little survivability. Rammus feels like he can't do anything early game and that he is only good for split pushing and team fights. I won a game as him in the jungle role, but the lanes all carried themselves through laning phase (with me getting zero kill participation until mid game). Amumu doesn't feel like he has fast enough early clear speeds (feels like he falls behind pretty easily). I haven't seen a Nautilus jungle in seemingly forever. Cho'goth doesn't seem good at the role anymore. Poppy doesn't have enough damage. Maokai can do it, but he also is meant to built a lot of AP nowadays (which I will get into later about with a separate topic). Zac can do it fine, but like Maokai he also builds a lot of AP now. Gragas can do it, but builds a lot of AP to accomplish this and is on the weak side right now. Sejuani seemingly got nerfed out of the role. Jarvan is more of a fighter with how he is built (even though the client considers him tank). Dr. Mundo works well, but he is technically a jugernaut. Nunu is doing well, but he also desperately needs a nerf and builds a lot of AP (and then multiplies it). Trundle can not jungle well without building a lot of damage. Tank rek'sai has been dead for a while. Shyvanna no longer builds tank, but more like a fighter. ---- I want to play a tank jungler or two, not a fighter. I'm tired of having the closest things to that available in the jungle role being Dr. Mundo, Nunu, and Warwick. I don't even like playing a tanky Warwick to begin with, to me it contradicts the very thematic I like to choose him for. I don't like how there's a bunch of tanky champions that I have to have dip into damaging items just so they can be viable (Nunu, Gragas, Maokai, Zac, Galio). I thought it was cool having Maokai be a heavy AP build but still really tanky, it seemed like a nice niche when the tank update came out. Now, it seems like any tanky champion that anyone built AP on and it became somewhat mainstream is turned into a champion that needs to build into that. I don't want to have to build 300 to 350 AP on Nunu just to make the most of my W on AP allies, I would rather it scale with their AP so I can decide to dip into AP or not. I don't want to be in game deciding: Do I build AP so I can get my W isn't useless on half the team, or build more tank because we need more tank. I don't want to have to delay tank items to build damage just because of that. I don't want to have to build a lot of AP on Gragas just so I can get some decent damage resist. Personally I think the AP stuff belongs on Maokai, and I don't play Zac enough to comment on him. As far as Galio goes, I don't even understand why he is still considered a tank in his current state. He can't clear a wave without building AP, and if he builds AP he gets burst like an ADC. It seems almost like I have to build him straight mage now. Not every AP-scaling tank needs to be turned into a mage-tank hybrid. I don't want there to be a jungle tank meta, but I'd at least like there to be a niche for tank junglers that doesn't involve building a bunch of AP. I want the feeling of being able to stand in the enemy for several seconds just soaking damage, the feeling that I can block all skill shots for my allies and not worry too much about my survivability when the team fight starts. Right now the only champion that really fits that fantasy and can jungle is Dr. Mundo. But I get stuck in the jungle role a lot playing with my friends, and Dr. Mundo is certainly not always the best pick, so I'd like there to be a few others that fit that niche. Like Mundo is good against high magic teams, what about a champion for high AD enemy teams or someone who can deal with mixed, just not as well as the other two? ---- I don't know if I'm completely stupid or something, but I don't see any obvious tank junglers, and the ones I've been trying don't work too well.

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