Whats the status for our Shuriman Emperor, Riot?

I had posted earlier wondering if Azir would receive buffs, morello responded that he would, and he did. He's sitting at an OK 46% win-rate in ranked right now which is a a sign that he needs love in my opinion, are you guys working on him at the moment/is he on your agenda? In URF he is killer, but I can't live up to my username right now in Ranked matches because he is a seriously niche pick right now. I think he COULD fit into all team comps if he got a little love but he needs too much help early game. While I think he does need to have a weak early game like all Shuriman hyper carries, his laning phase is too weak to handle some of the popular champions right now in the mid lane. Just wondering if he is on the radar for buffing/changing right now, would love a response. Cheers!
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