Katarina is in somewhat in a sad state right now

I realize {{champion:55}} can be frustrating to play against in lower levels of play, but now she's just frustrating to play. the impression i get when playing in ranked is that it's easier to climb if you play a select few champions and get really good at them. my champion of choice and favorite champion, by far, is Katarina. But lately she feels as though she doesn't do enough to cause any sort of fear which is really the only tool she ever held. and without that tool it's actually a little upsetting to play her at all now. I wouldn't be surprised if they kick her out of Noxus soon. The kind of situations that get to me are when people will intentionally stand on my daggers to bait my champion into them just so that when i do they can easily win the trade. Now of course as someone who has played Katarina a lot in the past i wouldn't go in because they would win the trade, but... then I would realize, well if that's a trade i can't win, then there's no reason to play this champion. Katarina's daggers SHOULD strike fear into enemies. but they don't anymore. first big game change that greatly affected her was when they changed how minions would agro. this was in patch 8.2; any targeted abilities now attract minion attention. for Kat this meant no more free Q damage. she would now take a little damage in return. which by itself seemed fine as a healthy change in the name of balance and fairness, after all it doesn't cost mana, fine, that's good balance. (That being said HP is very important. then they hit her directly the very next patch. In 8.3 they lowered her main source of damage: voracity (her passive when grabbing tossed out daggers). they hit it pretty damn hard too, "Base dagger damage reduced to 68 − 240 (based on level) from 75 − 287 (based on level)." Apparently this was to keep her from being too capable of playing the game if she was to take a few too many set backs. I really think this change has A LOT more repercussions then just what they wanted to achieve with it, but once again, this alone is not TOO too bad. It's the 5 to 10 indirect nerfs that came after (and a few before) that just made her so deeply un-viable. It's just been a lot of nerfs to assassin's overall since then. the electrocute nerf. I personally really liked {{item:3916}}. It gave her a little extra healthiness and gave her a little more burst, but they HARD nerfed that. she's overly reliant on her first item {{item:3148}} which is very expensive and she has literally nothing in the game to help her get to it reliably. It's fine that she's a very risky champion, but the payoff is so lackluster now and the risk has been increased by constant neglect. so tell me: Why should anyone gamble with {{champion:55}} now? this is mostly for Riot's eyes: [I want riot to understand me so I'll say it: I've tried branching out lately to enjoy other champions, and i have enjoyed it, but I'm losing interest in them. These other champions don't hold my interest like Katarina does. I still want to play Katarina, but i know i shouldn't and it is heartbreaking to have to accept that and I'd be doing myself a disservice to continue playing League of Legends if she doesn't get some attention from you guys. and I do understand that Katarina gets a lot of hate from the community, but as a Noxian I think that makes for a very fitting thing for her, especially as a female. Darius is an A**hole, Draven is an A**hole, but Katarina is kind of a pushover lately. and I've always appreciated how the characters fit with how they make the players feel, opponents and allies included, But Katarina's deeply out of character lately, she's weak. She's very slow early game. and she's so important to me as a League champion. Without her in the game, I don't like the game nearly as much. ya know?] I don't think Kat was that unhealthy to begin with, i think all her de-buffing stemmed from community hate. but Riot ALWAYS takes something away from her without giving it back to her in some other form or medium. She's not the type to ask for help from you guys personally, but she does need help. she'll struggle along all on her own and that's why I'm here on her behalf. Katarina inspired people to put extra effort into thinking about their strategy, especially the Katarina players, but also Katarina's opponents. she would motivate players to have to think outside their usual play-style and consider Katarina's options which has become FAR TOO EASY. and without her I assure you the community will become weak minded. {{sticker:katarina-love}} Please, Riot. Show Katarina some love and appreciation. She'll never show it, but she's hurting on the inside. All the kat mains will flex hard. and strain themselves proving they're still the s**t on the rift and in ranked, But they're ALL having real hard time out there. {{item:3070}}{{item:3073}}{{champion:55}}{{item:3070}} Thanks for reading all this TL;DR: Kat has been nerfed again and again and again, probably 15 times in a row. pretty hardcore directly, but mostly indirectly. and it's pushed her out of character. and she needs some attention from riot.
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