If you didn't plan to bring back Solo Queue you should have said it months ago

I'm not even that mad about Solo Queue being scrapped. I have faith in Riot that they'll eventually get DQ close to balanced. What I'm mad about is how they've played us for months. It pisses me off that you guys constantly say "We're working on it" which essentially means "It's never coming". If you want to shit on our plate at least do it with a straight when you make the decision. Edit: Most of you seem to be forgetting this post where they had everything planned out. http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/HGblb9fH-the-2016-ranked-season-updates-on-dynamic-ranked-and-your-feedback Funny how it went from > We need to work out a few implementation details to > we've made the decision to not bring back solo queue. ____________________________________________ Here are some things Rioters have said about Solo Queue Riot ScuttleChris said this 2 months ago > I believe this is where the disconnect is. > **We aren't pro or anti soloqueue.** Anything is on the table to fix the current state of the queues, including bringing back soloqueue. > We are anti long queue times at diamond and above, we are anti unfair match making which seems to be happening when full premades run into solo players again at diamond and above. > We are pro team play, and pro being able to play with your friends (whether you have one friend, two, or three). > I don't want to see us be dogmatic about dynamic queue either - **I'm in favor of any solution that helps all these things happen.** RiotTuxedo said this a year ago on what he though about what ranked meant > Ranked, in my humble opinion, is more about a long term measurement of your own personal growth and knowledge about the game. When you stop thinking about winning individual games and rather improving your gameplay for the long term you'll realize it's in your best interest to focus on yourself individually and what you can do better rather than what your teammates are doing wrong. > Time and time again I've heard pro players say you can't control what teammates you get matched with or how well they play, the only thing you can control is how well you play personally. Becoming a high ranked player is about getting better individually to a point where you consistent play well.
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