there are games when I play zac and I just want to quit league

just picked zac in one for all. one teammate hated it so much kept swearing saying fuck this trash players picking trash champs fuck zac, then afked. another teammate said - man I used to main old ap zac, was so fun, what did they do do him, riot's really dumb and another teammate said, now zac's just sad (compared to old zac) Im typing during the game, most of our team is sitting in fountain tbh. fucking shit company having to rework the champion I love. who had a fine winrate, fine playrate, now hes centered around pro play with a COMPLETELY different playstyle, riots goal was to make sure zac players had something other to do than E R W... wow now we get to E then.. R and choose a direction which is 9999999% of the time towards our team. woooow.. much different choice. or wow we get the option of... standing beside a teammate Never using E and waiting to R an opponant away.. wooooow. woooooow. 100% team reliant.. do zero damage.. can't top lane cause ult doesn't do anything, can't go full ap or you're not utilizing your ult and it'd bbetter to be full ap on old zac where you could actually use spells as intended.. Riot you ruined the champion I love, fucking hell nobody in this One for all enjoyed playing zac. and the people who played old zac just reminisced about the good old days this game just made me depressed. honestly I just want old zac, and I play him... and I've forgotten about how much I missed old zac since it's been a year since rework. but it's times like this.. where everyone hates him.. or when I lose top lane to a champion I used to crush so easily... fuck I wish I could play a game of old zac
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