Can you theory craft the best combination of abilities and passives from the current champs?

I was curious what would be the most powerful champion if made only reusing currently existing abilities and passives. You can’t change the mechanics, even if they rely on other abilities. For example, Viegar’s passive wouldn’t proc off of Cho’Gath Q killing a minion. I wouldn’t worry to much about champion base stats but feel free to list a class the stats would fall under. My best idea was: Passive:Annie(1.25-1.75 sec stun after 4 casts) Q:Evelynn(Rapidly proc passive + damage) W:Zilean(Basic ability cooldown reduction) E:Jax(Damage reduction+1 sec stun) R:Malphite(AOE CC + Unstoppable approach) Probably a lockdown tank that builds AP. The idea is to permanently lock down entire teams with AOE CC, while still dealing strong damage.
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