Can we talk about the off meta video O.o

PRESEASON 2019: Is it Meta? | League of Legends
It's Preseason! Theorycraft your way through insane builds that (might) actually work. Is it meta? Get on the Rift and find out.
So riot released a video with off meta builds and i think it's lacking some ohm some guidelines or what should i call it sure it's great they support ppl being able to try out new builds. BUT! they should clarify that ppl should only do this in normals and not in ranked. Ppl might not agree with me but i think it's fine to do off meta builds in normals but within a reasonable range of iq and not just builds that legit make no sense what so ever. If there is some ground behind the build having a chance to win it's fine but there should be a limit to how troll the builds can get and how much you can int ( i know they will still have int buster etc) but it scares me ppl take this video the wrong way. Just because it's preseason doesn't mean you should be allowed to ruin the game for 4other ppl quing solo. you try a new build go 0/5 it's w/e but if you go like 0/10 and do 4k dmg in a 30mni game it isn't really fun. what are other ppls thoughts on this? {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} (wasn't sure what topic to put this on beside gameplay/playerbehavior so just took one of them)
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