Jungle used to be my favorite role

And now I've officially given it up out of boredom. I use to queue adc / jg or jg / adc 95% of games, and now I just hate jungle so much I've started playing mid now. this isn't a complain post and I don't have any constructive suggestions, I just want to let everyone know how bad this has gotten for me personally. I really did love jungle because it was a role where if I didn't feel like mechanically outplaying someone from levels 1-6 I didn't have to, and if I didn't want to focus hard on csing, I didn't have to.. but as long as the only viable jungles are graves/khazix/xin/trundle , and my beloved tanks and ap junglers are obsolete, I am stuck learning mid. One last thing, if the game continues like this, I am very worried because I am already getting mad bored trying to learn other roles when I was really starting to love jungle. I really hope y'all know what you're doing.

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