How is Kennen not a t1 VGU candidate

he hits just about every hallmark of a garbage design and yet far less offensive champions are put through the grinder first Kennen is low interaction with his degenerate trade patterns of right clicking, stunning and running away. Hes low counterplay with a single spell that you can do anything to avoid. He's not only known to fuck up the game when he's good, he's the posterboy of shitting up top lane at least once a year when he wiggles his way back to viability. Visually, he's hideous, but that's just a given with Y*rdles since they're a hideous species. Add to all that, his actual dedicated player base is nonexistent. Any time Kennen isn't able to easily abuse his laning phase for a free pass against some unlucky melee, you'll see him maybe 3 times a year. This champion has a demographic that is completely dependent on him being bullshit. When is this guy going to get put on the chopping block?
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