I feel like this lethality meta is healthier than the game has been for the past few months

* excluding {{champion:21}} {{champion:121}}{{champion:104}} * tanks are sorta helpless right now -which can be fixed through the upcoming class rework I think that the game is allot healthier than it was in the past few months. {{champion:78}} and friends no longer has her 5000 damage shield {{champion:85}} {{champion:126}}{{champion:164}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:154}} are not nearly as cancer as they have been during LCS and forward There's really not a champion I'd say "eww" to when they're picked other than {{champion:74}} {{champion:113}} My wish is that thesetanks get looked at {{champion:201}} {{champion:113}} since they've been kinda useless in high elo lately. And by lately I mean past 8 -12months
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