How do you kill Lucian in lane?

I can either kill his support over and over again, or feed him time and again. In over 30 games played against Lucian, in ranked, I cannot kill him as any support. I've tried predicting his dash, but then they don't dash. I've tried abusing Zyra auto attack range for poke (since her AA outranges his), but then there's the problem of the dash that he never uses unless I use an ability). I am in fucking silver facing bronzes. Why is every Lucian ever competent with their dash? The last five Lucian players I have faced have gone deathless because of that fucking ability that subtract resets the damn CD every time he autos. I am at a loss for how to beat this stupid fricking n-word little tryhard shitstain of a champion and would appreciate advice on who counters him utterly. I'm tired of only being able to stalemate and/or only kill his support (which doesn't do crap). If I kill the support and try to roam mid or roam to ward enemy jungle, then Lucian just 1v1s my laner because that's what he's built to do. -,- Thanks, KL
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