Can I humbly suggest that we not keep this trend up with tank itemization value.

It's been happening for at least three years now that riot has been slowly lowering the cost of tank itemisation, and simultaneously lowering the amount of value given on those items. The change to glacial shroud on the one showcases this, decreasing cost by 100 but also decreasing armour by 5. It's not even a real buff considering the value of 5 armour is exactly 100g. People who play tanks like to have expensive and powerful items as much as the adcs and the fighters. We don't always want to have our items cost less to do less. Sometimes we just want an item to be buffed. Like glacial shroud was already in a good spot. If it built in to better items, or items that are less niche it wouldn't need this pseudo-buff. So I say once more, can we please end this trend of pseudo-tank item buffs that keeps reoccurring, because it's not an enjoyable or healthy trend.
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