PSA: Vision, Getting Ganked, and Your Team

**WARNING: THIS IS NOT A POST ON WHETHER OR NOT YOUR TEAM WILL OR SHOULD HELP YOU GET BACK INTO A GAME AFTER BEING GANKED BUT RATHER HOW YOU SHOULD RESPOND TO BEING GANKED** If you're laning and find yourself getting ganked, you would probably find yourself warding because of possible lack of vision. You place your trinket or newly acquired pink ward and now you have vision to prevent possible future ganks, that should be a given. You may find yourself getting ganked constantly and dying at the same rate by the hands of the enemy jungler, a roaming enemy laner, or both. This could be for a number of reasons but one that isn't the reason for you **dying**, is your team. Say for example you are laning minding your own business, you are currently behind your enemy laner and you're looking particularly vulnerable to said opponent. If you **know** that if you get ganked you're dead meat, there's no excuse for not warding and maintaining some sort of vision. If you do have vision in your jungle but you still find yourself falling victim to "unexpected" ganks, thats no one else's fault except your own for tunnel visioning. However say you do find yourself about to get ganked by any number of enemies and you think to yourself, "I can totally outplay this" and you still die, again it's no one else's fault, but your own. If you die and think to yourself, "If only *Insert person on your team (Most likely your jungler)* was in that fight we could've totally won that" you should've probably thought before to yourself before deciding to fight, is anyone on your team anywhere near to even consider helping you? If your nearest teammate is an adjacent laner still in their corresponding lane, how can you possibly think they would travel half-way across the map to help you? It's all about you own decision making and knowing if you can't counter a gank unless someone helps you and that someone isn't available at the moment of said gank, just don't try to fight and **run away**. No one is gonna flame you for running away and denying the enemy a kill so there is no reason to think otherwise.

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