Why dodging shouldn't make you lose LP

Honestly this is a meta of team compositions and its pretty much this: you need at least 1 tank/cc champion in order to win games so the more you have the better chances you got. I do realize that is not always the case, maybe if my team are all getting fed and are doing well despite the fact the enemy team have a good amount of tanks and cc. However in my elo (I'm Gold 3-4 but playing with silvers cause elo hell) most of the time that won't be the case. In champion select if i see my team picking kat mid yasuo top nid jg and the enemy team chooses jax top cho mid mumu jg then i know for a fact my team will lose. In this case I want to dodge but don't want to get punished for it. I tried dodging once and it took 15 LP away... i mean I'm ok with the time restriction after dodging but losing lp i think is too much
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