New position based rank system is TERRIBLE, and has to GO

This system is ridiculous, I don't know how anybody could have thought this was a good idea, let alone enough people that it made it into the game. Many players do not play one role, and one role only, nor can they, without constantly dodging, with autofill, and 2 role preference selection mechanics at play. And apparently, with this new system, it doesn't matter what role you selected as primary, because I should been in promos after the game I just won, while autofilled support, instead it progressed me towards placement in a role I wasn't even trying to play. I can't imagine that ANYBODY, WANTS THIS. Even aside from the mechanics I just mentioned screwing things up, I don't play one role all the time, and I don't want my progress tied to my role, so that anytime I switch roles I lose all of my progress and have to start over, this is horrendous. At a bare minimum they need to change the autofill mechanic, I shouldn't have to choose between a dodge, and a 5m Q timer at minimum, or wasting my time playing a role I didn't want to, to make progress that is wasted on a role I'm not currently maining. They need to FIX THIS. I just watched Riot's video explaining the new system, and reasoning behind it, and frankly I still feel the same way. I'm 99% sure that I didn't even get any of the "splashing" they mentioned, maybe because the role I was autofilled isn't even placed, but even if I had, it would have been a tiny fraction of what it should be. I feel like I just got punished, for being able to play well in a role I haven't even played in a while, I still won, and have basically nothing to show for it. I'm not trying to rank up support, I'm currently playing mid primarily, and I'm trying to climb, that win was a waste of 25m for me, and would have put me in promos had it been in my primary role that I queued. Most game knowledge and skill is generic, and transferable. If someone wants to play a role they aren't as good at, or not familiar with then they should be practicing it in normals first. And nobody who can't play EVERY role, should even be playing ranked, because autofill exists, and or they should be dodging if they don't get a role they can play. This system is a bandaid for bad decision making, and bad players, and a waste of time and effort for the rest, imo.
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