If there was one change I'd ever make to yasuo, it'd be a very simple one

Give his ult an actual cooldown, say 100-120 seconds at level 1 and let it massively scale down to like 40-50 seconds rank 3. Yasuo is frustrating to face in lane, his teamfight is totally fine in my opinion. I like that he's forced to interact if he wants to maintain durability, I like that he has tools to get in and out of a fight so he doesn't engage only to not kill his opponent and get pummeled into submission from range as he retreats. Yasuo has a very interesting kit, it might be frustrating to fight but I get it. To me, the biggest abusive part of his kit is that he can basically use his ult to simply harass you. It's not unreliable in lane when he can simple charge his tornado and E to you through minions and melee you with it and have his free knock up. This is especially frustrating in top lane and it's why I think a good start to tuning him down a little without destroying his base stats is to focus on his lack of cooldowns. I'd focus on his ult CD and probably how often he can charge his tornado, because it gets beyond ridiculous how he can ult you 2-3 times in the span of 4 minutes. It's a lot of hidden power too since he gains bonus armor pen from it, so it makes itemizing vs him incredibly difficult for the lane phase. For reference, his level 1 ult CD IS 80 seconds, which is obscenely low for a level 1 ult CD as powerful as his.
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