Problem with Spear of Sho'Jin on mana based champions.

Hello, I hope riot is reading this because this post was intended to reach the balance team for possible changes to Spear of Sho Jin. So, the thing that keeps me and many other jax mains from wanting to build it is we run out of mana so fast with it. Countless times I have been forced to reset simply because I keep running out of mana after only one fight/skirmish. In patch 9.3 riot removed the essence flare passive and transferred it to Spear of Sho Jin, but I'm kind of confused on why they didn't transfer the 1% basic attack refund passive as well? It's kind of unfair to jax players that riven and renekton can use it without a problem since they're not mana-based. I also don't think it's unreasonable to ask this because the essence reaver prior to 9.3 had the essence flare passive, and the 1% mana refund and was 400 gold cheaper. Tf blade said it himself he refuses to build it because he runs out of mana too fast. I think lowering the 250 health from SOS to buffer the mana passive would be better overall.
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