A suggestion for the proposed support changes (nerfs).

So people seem to be under the impression that support items are going to get nerfed again, which it may probably be so, and many people are quite upset by this. Here's a suggestion: If the new ranked system employs the use of a 'role-detection' program, why don't we just tie the use of support items to that program, so that only the players that the system *determined* to be playing the support role get the benefit of the items in question? If you're buying support items in other roles, you lock down the passives on the item (something along the lines of cull) once it's determined the player is not support, effectively rendering it useless and ultimately a highly inefficient buy in games? The only two obstacles to this are mostly due to the fact that I don't know how the detection programs WORK. A. If the program only determines your role *after* a game, this suggestion is more or less useless. B. If the program determines someone to be a support based on the support BUY, then something along the lines of proximity to the determined bottom player (the ADC) would have to be implemented. I'm also aware that making highly specific coding changes to the game is not ideal because of the finicky nature of "hard coding" and problems it tends to have whenever major changes are made. As it has been established, however, supports in other roles is not intended, and other roles abusing support items is not intended, so I'm of fair certainty that this strategy would be effective so long as the two obstacles above mentioned are addressed. Thoughts? Dev input would also be appreciated.

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