When are we getting the option to choose only 1 role?

I have played 113 ranked games this season. My main role and choice always has been mid. But my 2nd best is support. Guess what? Out of those 113 games I have gotten mid only 7-8 times. The fact that support is my 2nd best role does not mean that I enjoy playing it. And I sure as hell do not want to play exclusively this role for the rest of the season. If I have to, I'm pretty sure this will be my last season playing LoL. I'm sure many ppl here are in a similar spot. I get it - mid is the most popular role and many players want to play it. But the old system was way better. Due to being 1st or 2nd pick I could get mid in around 30% of games. At least at plat level people respected pick order. Yes, picking support means insta ques but hell I'd rather wait 10-15mins to play mid and be able to carry the game as opposed to playing one of the two most boring and ungrateful roles in the game. Sure, there are people who like to main supports. Kudos to them. But I am not one of them. Fix ya boring dynamic que, Rito!
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