Ending games faster and improving as jungler

Hi guys, When I play in ranked, I'm struggling to finish games quickly, for example, I'd be snowballing with a 7/0 KD at 15 mins but i would take close to 30 minutes to finish my games. I'd like to finish my games faster as I often make bad decisions and throw in teamfights and lose the games. Somethings I've been working on: - Keeping track of enemy jg and counterjungling - Counter itemization Things I'm struggling with: - Lategame splitpushing/teamfighting - Vision Control - Taking baron/drags/towers I'd like some tips on how to force baron or snowball when you're ahead, or how to set up vision control around objectives, how to effectively splitpush (I only splitpush if I have vision on 4 enemies, but struggling to get a tower and don't know what to do if someone comes to defend). Thank you! Edit: Link to op.gg: https://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=kogswain01
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