Honestly, I think League is likely to never recover from the damage that’s already been done

So, I was browsing the Boards for no reason at all and suddenly decided to scroll down the gameplay board. What I saw is people constantly complaining about the same thing for a year now (Runes and upfront burst/high damage). And then I thought: “what’s the last time I played and enjoyed a ranked match?”. To be frank, I don’t even remember anymore. I was kind of “addicted” to this game, I loved it to the point that it has been the only game I’ve played for ~4 years. Completely dropped consoles and every interest I had for them too. Then Season 7/ardent meta happened. I remember playing and tryharding to reach Diamond for the first time and I actually did it, but it didn’t feel like an accomplishment because it was a long and tedious way with little to no fun involved. Then S8 came out, I hoped so hard for things to change, but the game became a even worse shitfest filled with mad playz and insane damage. I should be biased because I mainly play LeBlanc, and we all know that she’s one of the worst offenders of this damage centric meta, but to be honest nuking people like they’re wet paper isn’t even fun anymore. And now we’re in preseason 9, it’s been 2 years since I stopped genuinely enjoying the game and nothing has changed yet. Hell, it’s even worse than before if we think about it (some reworks/releases come to mind). I don’t play as much as I used to and when I do it’s because I don’t have better things to do/to play with some friends. I’m not even sure I’ll do my placement matches in S9 because I stopped caring about ranked the moment I realized it does more harm than good to me. I guess I gotta accept the fact that League will never be the S4 League I used to love and play religiously and that it’s going to become a completely different game, season after season. Tl;dr: usual thing, League hasn’t been fun for quite some time and I don’t think it will ever be again, simply because Riot doesn’t want it to be that game.
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