Dear morgana

Dear Morgana, Considering how hard Riot fucked up Aatrox and Akali. I’m writing this letter and enjoying pre-reworked version of you while it lasts. Morgana, you and Janna has one of the longest lasting kits in the game of all supports. Morgana, you were sort of like Camille, she’s a diver. But can get countered by divers like Irelia and Fiora. But at the same time shit on tanks. You can get just out-laned easily by just enchanters like you. Sona, Nami, etc. But shit on catchers like Leona, Thresh, Pyke. You’re easy to learn but difficult to master with your black shield and binding. If you were still viable in the mid lane you ain’t needin’ no rework. But with champions like Ryze and Taliyah just dominating you can’t keep up with their wave clear. Playing you as a support is okay. But your Tormenting Soil shows you weren’t designed to be one. Yet you are the most picked/banned enchanters in competitive and and higher elo. Enchanters were falling out of meta as the Ardent Censer meta was over. Sometimes, if I really want to play hard lane bully. I max W and build Liandry’s Torment and Luden’s Echo. The CDR from the damage you do is so helpful. People often underestimate its damage, but with those 2 items it can hurt a lot while being easy to land. Forget Zhonya’s. Oh yeah, the best skins are victorious and ghost bride. I remember one of your skins gave you an advantage. The one where your Q’s projectile is different. I can’t remember. Love,
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