I understand what Riot was thinking when they created the champ. Shes pretty fun and unique like every champion should be. However, like usual, Riot has flat out failed us. I dont even think she has been released yet and I think she is already overpowered. She can decide a match by herself and that's not okay. Yeah there are snowbally champions in the game, but why a support? My previous games are when i noticed that she has so many problems. She is meant to be an enchanter and she does that well by giving adaptive force a shield and a heal with speed, but how much is _TOO_ much? Well when she gains 150 ap and gives out 120 ad, I draw the line. I hate making discussions all about stuff I hate, but someone has to say it. Yuumi needs changes and BADLY. her w gives too much adaptive force both ways. It is meant to be high, but no so high that she can attach to a mostly tanky irelia the ability to instantly kill whomever she pleases. Something else I don't understand is why everyone moves so fast. Her e gives too much move speed even for decaying, but there is more to it than that. This is most likely a bug, but it seems like if she is in the game, then everyone on her team moves faster. One game I watched a renekton with no boots or movement speed items walk away from me with ease with yuumi in the game. *yuumi wasn't e'ing him* Her Q is pretty good, but needs a longer cd in exchange for higher damage. She needs to not be so squishy. I know she's meant to be like that since she can attach to others via w, but she dies almost instantly throughout the whole game. Anyways thats all I have to say. I'm putting this here solely to warm people and in the hopes of a Rioter finding this and taking my advice even a little bit.

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